Mini Bar Counter Design Plans and Budget with White Dominant Color

I will share to you about planning a mini bar for your home. Not only that, I also will give a little information on the budget you need to prepare to make a mini home bar.

Think of it, there is a plan home mini bar as below.

Mini Bar Counter Design with White Dominant Color
Source: Home Design

Focus on the area of the bar, because if you look into the dining room area, then you will think this is a large home bar.

If you watch carefully, you only need three main things needed to make a home bar. Desk, swivel bar stool and cabinet. Here are a few similar items to make mini home bar, with the price.

  1. Bar Swivel Stools
  2. Price: $65.49

    Bar Swivel Stools in White Color
    Bar Swivel Stools in White Color
    This bar swivel stools are quite similar with the mini bar design ideas above. The difference is only at the foot step, but overall this item is quite similar.

    Set of 2 contemporary stools, air lift design for seat height of 24 to 30 Inch;
    Sleek metal stool base, seat covered in white faux leather;
    Black side lever adjusts seat height up and down, swivel chair design;
    Measures 15″W x 15″D x (28-34)”H each;
    Some assembly needed, instruction and hardware’s in the box

    More Details

    Price: $69.99

    Swivel Bar Stool Chair
    Swivel Bar Stool Chair
    This Swivel bar stools chair is 100% similar with the home bar design ideas above, but the seller do not have it in white color.

    Set Of 2 Bar Stool Material: Metal/Leather
    Size of the Seat: 14″W x 17″D x 3″Back
    Seat Height: Adjustable Between 23″ to 31″
    Swivel 360 Degrees
    Weight: 15 lbs each

    More Details

  3. Home Bar Cabinet in White Color
  4. Price: $275.00

    Home Bar Cabinet in White Color
    Home Bar Cabinet in White Color
    I know this cabinet is very different, but this item is quite good enough to complete your home bar cabinet. But, to make it perfect, I recommend you to hire Furniture Maker. I will recommend one of famous Furniture Maker later after.

    Materials: PB, MDF
    Style: Contemporary
    Color/Finish: White
    Assembly Required?: Yes

    More Details

  5. Home Bar Table Custom in White Color
  6. Price: N/A

    Bar Table Designs
    Bar Table Designs
    I can’t find any bar table that similar with the design ideas above, but i make a 2D design for you. Yes, you can bring it Furniture Maker and also bring the original image of mini bar design idea above.

Where i can find Furniture Maker?

As i said before, i will recommend you to one of famous Furniture Maker. Darrel Peart is the one most famous Furniture maker, you can visit his website and contact him to order custom Furniture.

Darrel Peart Website:

Now, you can guess how much budget you should prepare to create a mini home bar. I hope that my writing can help you to plan of making mini home bar.

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